What happens next?

You will receive a notification email, when

  • You have successfully completed your application
  • Your application is sent for internal review
  • Your application is successful reviewed and approved
  • Your application is needed to be returned. In this case, you may have to re-submit the application with the required information as cited in the return reason. You’ve got 15 days to re-submit before it is removed from the Business Registration.
  • Your application is rejected. You will not be able to re-submit the same application again as the registrar decision is final.
  • Certificates and Extracts: After your application is successfully reviewed and approved, you will receive a notification email to extract an electronic certificate, which contains electronic stamp, QR code and signature. If you require getting your certificate with original stamp, QR code and signature please make your request to Business Registration Department, Ministry of Commerce. From your company profile page, click ‘Request extract or certificate’, choose type ‘certificate’, select ‘generated date’, and click ‘submit’.

Note: the certificate is displayed both in English and Khmer and should be printed in Landscape on one page only.


According to the law on commercial enterprise, every company registered to operate in Cambodia must file annual declaration in this online business registration once a year. Companies failing to file an annual declaration will incur fines between KHR 0.5 million and KHR 10 million per year. Failure to file annual declarations for three consecutive years will result in a repeal of the business’s registration and license to operate in Cambodia.

1 month prior to due date of your already-registered company, you will receive an annual declaration notification email to inform you to update your annual report and fee. First reminder email will be sent to you on a due date. Overdue reminder (1 month overdue), and Second overdue reminder (2 months overdue) notification email will be following up if you haven’t yet obligated to update your annual declaration and pay fees and penalty fees.

Go to Fees and Penalties http://www.businessregistration.moc.gov.kh/fees-and-penalties/