What we do


We are mandated by Prakas No. 191 P.N CNP BrK dated on 10th July 2014 to ensure efficient and effective administration works as of the following:

  • Controlling all business registers and monitoring business activities as stated in the law on commercial rules and register and law on commercial enterprise.
  • Offering assessment service and retaining the permit of company and enterprise’s name usage.
  • Offering consultation service on business registration and related information.
  • Managing all business registration, archives, declaration, and data and information of companies and manufactures.
  • Arranging and notifying any standard letter of business registers, up-date and change, dissolution, declaration, and business capabilities management of companies and enterprises.
  • Coordinating and resolving conflicts related to business registration, up-date and change, dissolution of companies and enterprises
  • Controlling, Monitoring, and verifying data and information in implementing legal obligation of companies and enterprises, and coordinating with competent ministries
  • Researching and providing information of business registers to all the customers
  • Guiding, monitoring and verifying the implementation of commercial rule and register, and commercial enterprise.