Reserving a business name

You may reserve a name prior to the incorporation of a new business, or prior to changing the name of a business.

Start with choosing the type of business you are in and start reserve a name. For example, if you are a sole proprietorship, from online services, choose sole proprietorship, and then choose reserve a sole proprietorship name.

On the reserve a name page, fill in the proposed name in both Khmer and English, and company type/partnership type/entity type. (Fee applied). For more details on payment, please go to

The document support upload is optional.

On payment of your application for name reservation, the name will be considered ‘reserved’ until it is internally reviewed by the official. During this time, no other person may specify the same name on a new name reservation application. On approval of the name reservation application, the name remains reserved until its expiry, which is 3 months from the approval date. If you intend to extend your reserved name, you can make the second payment to extend your reserved name for another 3 months.

Note:   The purpose of the name reservation does not need to be specified.

As a general rule, the chosen name for a company must not be confusing, misleading, or offensive.