How to pay fees

How to pay fee
1. Once you click ‘submit’ your application form, you are taking to the ‘fee payment’ screen.
2.  On the transaction details, select either ACLEDA or Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct credit) on the payment method.
3.  If you choose to pay by ACLEDA, you will re-direct to the purchasing service by ACLEDA bank pop-up page.
a. Select your payment option: Account number, ATM/Credit card, Mobile Banking, ACLEDA Utility.
b. Enter your account details.
c.  Enter OTP: Click on the ‘Request out of band OTP’ bottom to request an OTP number. Enter the 6-digit-number, which is sent to your mobile phone after your request. And then click on bottom.
d. Transaction result.
e. Click ‘Back to merchant’.
4. You are now able to check your ‘Payment Receipt’. Save it or Print it as your reference.
5. Or click ‘cancel transaction’ on the purchasing service page if you don’t have an account at ACLEDA bank, and then click pay later. The system will hold your information for 15 days until the payment is made. During that time, please go to Payment Kiosk on the ground floor of the Ministry of Commerce, and make a payment. The accountant official of the Ministry of Commerce will make a payment electrically on your behalf.
6. At this point, your application has been made a payment but hasn’t been submitted to the Business Registration yet. You have to log on online and click ‘submit’.
7. Your application is now submitted to the Registrar (during working hour) or in the queue to be reviewed by the Registrar the next working day (outside working hour).