Filing Annual Declaration

A limited liability company is required to file an annual declaration with Business Registration regardless of whether or not it is trading. If an annual declaration is not filed by the due date, the company risks being removed from the register as the registrar may be satisfied that the company has ceased to carry on business. Note: A company must file annual declarations in date order. E.g. If a company fails to file an annual declarations in 2014 and 2015 then they must file the annual declaration for 2014 before they file the annual declaration for 2015.

How do you file annual declaration?

You must be registered to use the website and have authority over that company in order to file annual declaration.

Step 1: search for the company

In this step you locate the company on the register.

  1. A search screen will appear so you can find the company you want to file annual declaration for.
  2. Search for the company by typing in either the company name, its company number
  3. From the ‘search results’ section, select your company by clicking on the name of the company

Step 2: get company authority

If you log on as an authorized user that has authority already, you will automatically be able to file the annual declaration. If you are not authorized to make changes to the company details, you are required to get before filing annual declaration.

Step 3: File the annual declaration

To file your annual declaration you need to check and if necessary update some information about the company, including: company addresses, director details, shareholdings, and annual return reminder details. Fill in your TIN and Tax registration date.

Step 4: Pay the annual declaration-filing fee

Fees and penalties, please go to